Minnesota Condemnation Lawyer

Our Minnesota condemnation law firm represents both individuals and businesses in that have their real property or personal property rights taken by government, cities, counties, DOT, or other entities such as utility companies, with the power of Eminent Domain (condemnation) to ensure payment of fair compensation.

In Minnesota the eminent domain process can be stopped if the party condemning the property lacks the legal authority to do so or condemnation is not for public use. However, if these condemnation requirements are met a Minnesota condemnation law firm can still be of assistance. Just because the legal grounds on which your property faces condemnation are met, doesn’t mean you are receiving just compensation. Don’t allow your property to be taken from you for less than what it’s worth. A condemnation attorney can help you get more for your property and protect your interests.

Our Minnesota condemnation law firm has been very successful in obtaining substantial awards well in excess of what amount the condemning authority has offered as just compensation.

If you need help fighting a condemnation or receiving just compensation – Call or request a consultation today.