Our Duluth law firm handles both simple and complex Estate Planning matters which are the area dealing with the distribution of an individual’s property at his or her death, taking into account Wills, taxes, insurance, property, and trusts so as to gain maximum benefit of all laws relating to Estate Planning and, at the same time, carrying out your individual wishes.

Probate is the court proceeding through which a Will is proved to be valid and the estate of a decedent is administered. With or without a Will (intestacy), the process, generally, includes collecting a decedent’s assets, liquidating liabilities, paying necessary taxes, and distribution of property to heirs. You may need a lawyer in Duluth who knows the probate process for a variety of reasons. The most common grounds are if there is no will, it is contested, or to avoid the stress and contention of administering the distribution of the estate to the rest of your family. In any of these circumstances, a Duluth probate attorney can help you to achieve the best possible outcome, without the stress and worry often involved in probate proceedings faced without an attorney.

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