Duluth Family Law Mediation and Arbitration Services

Mediation and Arbitration are two of many Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms used in the process of resolving legal conflicts in Duluth without going to Court. Our firm is at the forefront of Duluth Family Law Mediation.  We are frequently called upon by Duluth Courts, as well as other lawyers and their clients, to perform as a neutral to help resolve matters out of Court.  With our substantial experience and training in ADR, we have the expertise to provide resolution services as well as advising clients when a form of ADR is in their best interest.

Mediation and arbitration aren’t just for divorces and family disputes, our Duluth mediators can help settle business, realty, personal injury, and other legal disputes out of court.

Whether you want to avoid the cost of a trial or close disagreements on more amicable terms, mediation and arbitration can be an extremely effective tool, to reach mutually beneficial and effective solutions to any dispute.

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