Duluth Accident Attorneys

Our Duluth car accident lawyers and personal injury lawyers represent individuals and family members injured in automobile/motorcycle/ATV accidents, by a defective product, and all other injuries caused by others to you. If a case needs to be tried, we are prepared to take your claim to Trial by a Jury or Judge.  Initial conferences about damage recovery as a result of such injuries are without charge.

Duluth Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents in Duluth are unfortunately common due to many unique factors in the city and the often intemperate weather. We understand the difficulties you face when you are injured in a Duluth car accident. From recovering just financial compensation for medical bills, expenses, and lost wages, to dealing with insurance adjusters, mediating an auto injury dispute, to bringing your case to trial, we work hard to ensure you get the best compensation possible, and work hard to fully analyze your auto injuries to ensure you aren’t left without the ability to care for injuries that may require years of treatment. It’s important you contact a Duluth car accident attorney as soon as possible after your accident, so you know your rights before speaking to insurance companies and other parties.

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